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Our Story

Wilmot’s Academy Jamaica exists to help people. We are designed (committed) to providing an academically stimulating environment and set a high standard of education for our students that will contribute meaningfully to the society. To help individuals to achieve a standard which will benefit not only themselves but also to their country and humanity.

Our Approach

Wilmot’s Academy Jamaica take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject or course material they need to master. Through personalized and focused teaching processes, our students develop the tools they need for ongoing success in their field of study. Our success depends on our attention to the needs of our students and truly helping them achieve their goal.

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Our Aim

Wilmot’s Academy Jamaica believes in excellence and we accomplish this through our mission and vision.

Wilmot’s Academy is committed to train through it’s programmes and courses, students in citizenship, social awareness and social responsibility, as it satisfies the educational needs in the following areas:-

1. The granting of Certificates and Diplomas in technical, professional and Para-professional fields.

2. The preparation of students for entry into institutions of higher learning.

3. The provision of continuing education with special emphasis on the needs of the local community and the job market.

4. The provision of career training in Business sector, Health care, Early childhood so as to enable students to achieve their full potential as participants in Jamaica’s social cultural and economic development.

Wilmot’s Academy commits itself to excellence and equity in education. We believe each student will achieve at a high level of academic performance, function effectively in the community, and make contributions to the broader society.

To accomplish this goal, Wilmot’s Academy commits itself to involving school personnel, community members, students, and their families as partners in an ongoing process of educational improvement. We will construct an environment of excellence and responsibility which fosters intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and ethical growth for all. Students, faculty and staff must all continue to learn and grow.

Wilmot’s Academy will design curriculum, instructional strategies, and assessment methods to motivate and prepare all students to become skilled and knowledgeable…

• Problem solvers/critical thinkers

• Self-directed learners

• Effective communicators

• Collaborative workers

• Quality producers

• Technology users

• Community contributors

Wilmot’s Academy will guide all students in planning for their progress both during and after Wilmot’s. All students will complete an educational program that meets the requirements for admission to any college or university, local or overseas. While students’ choices will vary, we will prepare students to pursue both a career direction and continued education.

All members of the Wilmot’s Academy community will work together to realize this vision in an atmosphere of mutual respect where the contributions of all are valued.

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