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Are you Deciding what to do with your life?

Do you need another chance to improve your grades, upgrade your qualification, get additional certification for further studies or employment? Are you employed, unemployed, out of school, seeking to enter the job market?

Are you looking for a school that:
  • Offers a variety of courses to help you realize your career and academic goal.
  • Start you from scratch, and get you ready for CAPE/CSEC Exams in 9 months.
  • Caters to slow as well as gifted learners, adults, young adults and repeaters.
  • Discipline is of the highest order.
  • Clean, cool, well ventilated classrooms.
  • Qualified and experienced teachers who have over the years assisted slow or gifted individuals to achieve 1s & 2s at CXC every year.
  • Performance Management – Patient, cool, calm teachers that will sit with you and go over a single piece of information as many times as necessary until you understand (Personal attention).
  • Syllabus Completion – Extensive revision of material given
    inclusive of weekly and monthly test consisting of past examination questions.
  • Step by step manual on how to study inclusive of lecture on the material. (This have proven to be the key to our students success).

  • Diagnostic testing

Wilmot’s Academy are an accredited CXC/GCE Examination Centre. This Institution is registered with the ministry of Education, NCTVET and the independent Schools’ Association.

Image is everything; your future depends on the school you choose; make the call that will change your life forever!
If you decide to start school in September, why not give yourself the best chance at passing.

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About Wilmot's Academy Jamaica

Wilmot’s Academy is a prominent coeducational Institution, registered with the Ministry of Education best known for its high academic standards, among the highest in Jamaica, and for its high standards in Nursing, Early Childhood Education and Business. Regarded by some as the best Private secondary institution in Jamaica, Wilmot’s Academy has consistently performed extremely well in examinations regulated by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), City and Guilds and NCTVET.

We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject or course material they need to master. Through personalized and focused teaching processes, Wilmot’s Academy Jamaica ensures that our students develop the tools they need for ongoing success in their field of study. Our success depends on our attention to the needs of our students and truly helping them achieve – we don’t succeed unless our students succeed.

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Office Administration

Principles of Accounts


Principles of Business


Human & Social Biology


Information Technology




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